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 All 1979-2007 Vehicle Wiring Diagrams on CD-ROM

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PostSubject: All 1979-2007 Vehicle Wiring Diagrams on CD-ROM   Fri Sep 28, 2007 5:30 pm

12 Volt Resource Mobile Installation CD-ROM

12 Volt Resource? Aftermarket Installation CD-ROM v4.2 is designed to be the ultimate reference tool for anyone planning to install an aftermarket Security, Remote Start, Keyless Entry, Audio or Video device in their car, truck or SUV. From initial concept through deployment - The resources on this disk will guide you so the job gets done right the first time.

* Designed to simplify car audio, video and security installations
* Tells you all of the wire colors, locations and polarities needed for installing car alarms, remote starters, keyless entry, navigation, head units, speakers, mobile video systems, and subwoofer enclosures
* Includes step-by-step installation instructions
* This is the same information that is used by professional installers, but designed to be suitable for both novice installers and pros alike
* Updated twice a year (upgrade discount if you have an earlier version)
* 100% satisfaction guarantee

Vehicle Wire Color & Installation CD-ROM Contents

12 Volt Resource? Aftermarket Installation CD-ROM v4.2 is truly the most valuable & complete vehicle installation reference guide available today. Take a look below and see for yourself how much invaluable information we have to offer.

This CD-ROM contains a full installation database with vehicle wire colors for nearly every make and model vehicle manufactured from 1979-2007. Also included are Vehicle Specific Notes for Integrating and/or Bypassing Factory Alarms, Transponders, and Immobilizes (when applicable) such as General Motors Passlock I, Passlock II, PASSKEY III, VATS, Ford PATS.

Simply insert this CD-ROM into any Windows, Macintosh, or Linux based computer or laptop and enjoy instant access to this fantastic installation tool. Fully plug and play, the only software required is Adobe Acrobat Reader, a full version of which is included on every CD-ROM we sell (12 Volt Resource? is a licensed distributor of Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Section #1 - Security Installation

* Full vehicle security/remote start wire color database illustrating wire colors and locations for nearly all make and model vehicles manufactured from 1979-2007. Connections include Ignition #1, Ignition #2, Ignition #3, Accessory, Brake Light, Tach, Parking Lights, Headlights, Power Lock & Unlock, Interior Dome Light, Horn, Trunk Release, Factory Alarm Disarm.
* Highly in-depth vehicle security, remote start, and keyless entry installation instructions
* Vehicle Specific Notes for Integrating or Bypassing Factory Alarms, Transponder systems or Immobilizes including General Motors Passlock I, Passlock II, PASSKEY III, VATS, Ford PATS
* Instructions for bypassing the clutch on manual transmissions
* Alarm Modules, Alarm Sensors & Triggers
* Installation Notes, Tech Tips & Trouble-Shooting Guides
* Accessories & add-ons

Section #2 - Audio & Video Installation

Full vehicle audio & video wire color database illustrating wire colors and locations for nearly all make and model vehicles manufactured from 1979-2007. Connections include Constant 12V, Switched 12V, Ground, Illumination, Dimmer, Remote Amplifier Turn-on, Power Antenna, FR/RR/FL/RL Speakers.
* Vehicle-Specific Speaker Size Charts & Detailed Application Guides
* How-to instructions for building custom subwoofer enclosures
* Volume Calculators
* Accessories & Add-Ons
* Windows & Macintosh based subwoofer box modeling software

Section #3 - Installation Basics

* Safety Information
* Basic & Advanced Wiring Connections
* Diodes, Ohm's Law, Relays, Resistors
* Installation Glossary

Section #4 - Recommended Installation Tools

* Basic Tools
* Test Equipment
* Power Tools
* Pneumatic Tools

Remember that this CD is only a guide. Be sure to verify all connections with a digital multi-meter - "test lights" can trigger air bags and/or damage multi-plexed or data bus systems. Do yourself (and your vehicle) a favor - TEST ALL CONNECTIONS FIRST.

Includes Wire Colors for the following Vehicles' List :


NOTE: Vehicle wire colors typically stay the same until the manufacturer introduces a new body style. For example: If you need a wiring diagram for a 1991 Honda Accord, you could use the same diagram from any 1990-1993 Accord because it wasn't until 1994 that the body style changed.

All of the vehicle wiring information provided by 12 Volt Resource has been verified. If your current-year vehicle is not on the list above and you know the body style has not changed, chances are you can use the wiring information from the previous year. 12VoltResourceGuide.rar
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All 1979-2007 Vehicle Wiring Diagrams on CD-ROM
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