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 Short story of neverland

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Short story of neverland Empty
PostSubject: Short story of neverland   Short story of neverland I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2007 3:23 pm

We all knew that Neverland was of Peter pans haven, but for the group of Bad boys of Mandaluyong has its own version. Nobody knew it will be done but with the helping hand, impossible is nothing it stood for almost 3 years.
Summer of 1994, where our first asylum was made its just a piece of wood measuring 5x9 feet, placed under a tree along the river side of the “Pasig River”, the Barkada’s named it as our own “Neverland”. The bad boys was not satisfied of just a piece of wood and something unexpected happen to the tree, it fall so we don’t have any option but to move the piece of wood to other place but still along the river. Having found the right spot, the piece of wood was not that all, floor was made and a comfortable sits was installed together with a table in the center. Every day changes happen to our Neverland, some brought old tires positioned on every side and for the last exterior designing, we painted and bejeweled the whole area. Without a month the newly re-engineered craftsmanship of Bad boys was finished.
Their we celebrated birthdays, all of us eat and drink in our Neverland, sometimes just a wine spree drinking without occasion. It was the best place for us for its just a long a river pollution couldn’t go low, but the good place for us to others was not we call them the PAKS (Pakialameros), they criticized and made some words that is falsely said. Everything they assessed just fall among them making them fools of their own word. When they saw the place not even them can’t believe that it was a good place, they themselves always make a stay in our Neverland. After three months another test comes when a typhoon hit manila. Since its just along the river, the foundations are not that deep for beneath our neverland is already water. We did all we can, placed rocks so that the waters may not flow out the structure, but nature prevail the waters lug out far the structure until we could no longer see our first haven. With that it made us very sad but doesn’t end there to rebirth the second one. Typhoon is gone and it’s a good start for us to build the second one. Back to scratch, made again from the start and we finished, but like the first one a typhoon took it. This time we must make a very strong one with foundations that flood couldn’t uproot it. So the third one was well-built surviving every storm that the river brawl.
Not very long our neverland has its partner and we named it MABALASIK. Mabalasik is a boat good for two person, customized by us. It gives us the adventure for we can go anywhere along the river. Sooner we are in to business in our Neverland, we pick plastic’s that float in the river and we sell it, and we also help one man to stay their for two days because he’s homeless. Until he found a job and gone like the wind. We also bring chicks their, making them the princess of our haven. But as time goes by the municipality brought out a law that every thing along the river including the trees must be uprooted and the law triumphed. So our Neverland is exposed and the little authorities planned to move or dismantle our sanctuary.
We fought for it, talking to some influential people the mayors and councilor’s making petition not to touch the Neverland for its just a place of a good unwinding, Same words were given onto us, they could no longer help us because its already in the law, that nothing should be along river side for the foundations of the road well be affected. Most of us don’t believe it. The day come rainy season of 1996 they started to take to pieces all we have done. They take apart our Neverland and the rest is history nothing but memories left. But for us Neverland still stood and it is our prize a trophy of every Tropa’s (Friends).
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Short story of neverland
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