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PostSubject: FUNNY LOVE STORY   Fri Apr 18, 2008 5:10 pm

flower A girl quickly punches a number into her phone and waits until she hears the other line pick up.

ďBecky, I donít know what to do, I really donít. I love him so much and I donít think he thinks of me that way. I mean, whenever I see him or think of him, I canít help it, this smile comes across my face. Sometimes he sees me smiling and smiles back. Thatís when my knees turn to jello and I get butterflies in my stomach. I know you think that heís is so totally adorable and cute, but if you look past that and actually listen to what he has to say, you find a totally different person. Heís so caring and considerate and he makes me feel like I donít deserve him. Well, actually, I donít deserve him. Heís too perfect, I mean, look at all the girls that fall over for him. I could never be one of those. Their all so pretty and bubbly andÖ.. not me. I couldnít even start to compare myself to them. But whenever I think of him or see him, I canít help it, I smile. Now I didnít tell you this but he called me the other day about homework. I tell you now, I made a complete fool of myself. Iím so embarrassed. I stuttered the whole time, but he was so sweet and just kept talking and making me feel better. Heís so perfect Becky, I donít deserve him, so why do I keep wishing and praying that he will notice me, why?............Becky? Becky are you there?Ē

ďThis isnít Becky.Ē

Petrified the girl asks, ďThen who is this?Ē

ď This is the guy whoís smile turns your knees to jello and I just wanted to say one thing. Everything you just said now, Iíve been wanting to say since the day I met you.Ē
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